Privacy Statement

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AssuredPartners agencies are licensed as insurance producers by the various States where we are transacting insurance, which includes the sale, solicitation, and servicing of insurance business, as well as advising on the relative benefits of certain insurance policies and risk management programs. Our agencies typically receive compensation from insurers in the form of commissions paid as a percentage of the premiums due the applicable insurance companies. Commissions can vary by insurance company, by volume of business placed with that company or the profitability thereof, and other factors. In other cases, and depending on various State laws and the capacity in which our agency is acting, our agencies may receive other forms of compensation from insurers, insurance intermediaries, premium finance companies and other vendors; such as contingents, overrides, profit-sharing, premium finance fees, expense reimbursements, producer subsidies, award trips, meetings and other incentives. We also earn interest on premiums we hold until it is time to pay the applicable insurance companies.

Our overriding desire is to provide great customer service, having you, the customer, believe we have earned our compensation. We believe in full disclosure of our compensation. Accordingly, if you have any questions about the compensation we receive from your policies (including policies we propose to you), please just ask your account representative, who will gladly provide you a summary of our compensation arising from your policies (some estimation may be necessary, for example where contingents are involved).

We thank you for the opportunity to serve and appreciate your interest.