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What Being Uninsured Could Cost Your Business

Published by Alliance Insurance Group on Feb 16, 2015

Do you really need commercial auto insurance? It’s the last thing a business owner wants to hear, but when your employees are on the road, driving somewhere on company business, things are out of your control – and bad things can happen even to the most careful driver. That’s why they call them “accidents.”.


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Visual Article: Insurance Solutions for Contractors

Published by Alliance Insurance Group on Jul 15, 2015

Coverage for contractors is more than just workers compensation. At Alliance Insurance Group, we understand your exposures extend into commercial auto, crime insurance, property casualty, and more. Our extensive experience securing the broadest possible coverage for the construction industry means you'll no longer be kept up at night thinking about… Read More

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Narrow your Exposure: Proactive Measures for Distributors

Published by Alliance Insurance Group on Jun 04, 2015

The complexities of your business require specialization.

The risks of the distribution business are obvious: accidents, injuries, property damage, theft, and more. Not to mention the everyday challenges any business faces. The best way to reduce risk is to work with a specialist. Alliance Advocates know the distribution industry inside… Read More