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Too Much, Too Fast? An Update on the DOL’s New FLSA Overtime Rule

Published by David Thurber on Mar 29, 2017

The DOL's new FLSA overtime rule, which was set to take effect December 1, 2016, nearly doubled the existing exemption salary threshold. Had the new regulation taken effect, millions of employees in the country would have become exempt from overtime, qualifying for overtime pay under the FLSA. Just weeks before the new rule was set to take effect, a Texas federal court issued a "preliminary injunction", temporarily stopping the new rule from taking effect. Was the rule too much, too fast, and is it expected to be reinstated after further review? In this piece by J. David Thurber, General Counsel and Litigation Manager for Alliance Insurance Group, we provide key insights and projections about this controversial rule. 


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Understanding the relationship between workers’ comp and SSDI

Published by Property Casualty 360 on Apr 03, 2018

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