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Tips for Nonprofit Grant Writing

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  • Alliance Insurance Group
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  • Dec. 24th, 2015

Obtaining grants for your nonprofit is a useful fundraising tool, but is it a viable strategy for your organization? Here are some tips for grant writing that can help you decide if grant funding right for you.

The good news

1. There is a lot of money out there looking for the right home: Even though there are over a million nonprofit organizations throughout the United States, the great news is that there are approximately $50 billion dollars given away each year through corporate grants and foundations. This means there's plenty of money to go around for savvy applicants.

2. There are grants out there for any type of nonprofit: Whether your organization is brand new or serving a small local niche, there are nonprofit organization grants waiting for you, if you're willing to do a little research.

The Challenges

1. Get ready for a little hard work: In order to have the best chance of being awarded a specific grant, be prepared for some thorough research. Doing so will help you tailor your application to the specific organization. Generic applications will almost certainly not get a second look.

2. Have more than one iron in the fire: It's true that grants can be a great source of funding, but you don't want to rely on them exclusively. To succeed in, what some people call a fickle grant awarding process, you'll need to make sure that grant funding is only a portion of a well-diversified fundraising strategy.

While grant writing can be trying, there are steps you can take to streamline the process.

Grant Writing 101

1. Get ready: Begin scheduling time and resources for your grant writing. You'll need enough time to research the myriad foundations and opportunities that are available to you.

2. Know your chances: Don't go into the grant writing processexpecting to write one or two proposals. The reality is that you may have to be prepared to write dozens of applications before you succeed.

3. Decide who is going to write your proposals: If you feel comfortable with grant proposal writing, you can educate yourself on the fundamentals, or you can simply hire a professional to do the leg work for you. Grant writing training or writers-for-hire are both easily accessible.

4. Commit to the process every day: If you look at this as a long-haul process and commit to taking small steady actions every single day, you can, and ultimately will win at the grant writing game. Dedicate time in your day to focus exclusively on sourcing and writing grants.

Non-profits face unique risk management and funding challenges. Alliance Advocates are here to help you to navigate these challenges in analytical, and creative ways. Contact us with any questions you might have or visit our Knowledge Center for other non-profit insurance topics.