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The State of Distributor Liability in 2015

  • By:
  • Alliance Insurance Group
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  • Aug. 12th, 2015

Over the last five years, on U.S. roadways, there were:

•  383,000 non-fatal crashes involving a large truck or bus

•  254,000 property-damage only crashes involving large trucks

•  30,057 fatal crashes, 12.7% involved a large truck or bus

•  383 incidents involving hazardous materials cargo released in large truck crashes

To put it in monetary terms, there were:

•  $22 billion lost in property-damage crashes

•  $42 billion in fatal crashes

•  $39 billion in injury crashes

As a distributor, you know that your livelihood depends on the functionality and safety of your fleet. More than ever, making sure this livelihood is protected is paramount to the long-term success of your business.

Most distributors are responsible for several vehicles, and they also have a good number of drivers to account for. While working with distributors, some of the top liability concerns we hear are:

•  Keeping their drivers safe and their fleets running

•  Maintaining public safety

•  Preventing loss of money and business due to negligence and accidents

While many distributors are apt to think about commercial vehicle insurance, a comprehensive policy should also include coverage in the event of other risks. Some of these risks include:

•  Upset overturns

•  Fuel tank spills

•  Environmental pollution

•  Workers compensation claims

•  Crime insurance

•  Fleet auto insurance, and more

Though distribution comes with many risks, with adequate commercial auto liability insurance, you can send your fleet on the road knowing that you’re protected. For more information on how to strategically manage your risk, whether you’re a beverage, petroleum, or other business distributor.

Contact us to work with an Advocate through your business’ specific risks and concerns, and to craft a policy that keeps your business and fleet safe.