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Reduce Your Senior Living Community’s Automobile Premiums with These Tips

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  • Alliance Insurance Group
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  • Jun. 22nd, 2016

Finding affordable commercial auto liability insurance for senior living communities can be challenging because there are inherent risks in transporting seniors and premium reflects those risks. Fortunately, there are a number of actions you can take that will reduce premiums without sacrificing adequate coverage.

The best way to keep premiums low is to prevent accidents and injuries. The following insider tips will help you evaluate your current safety program:

Vehicle safety

Although it seems like common sense, make sure that all your vehicles and equipment are in good working condition. Bald tires or worn out windshield wipers can put employees and residents at higher risk of failure or worse. Regular vehicle inspection and maintenance prevents accidents and breakdowns.

Driver expertise

Take the time to hire quality drivers and provide training on how to operate fleet vehicles in a safe manner. This alone can help lower your auto liability coverage costs.

The loading/unloading process

Loading your residents on and off large vehicles, like vans and buses, can be a hazardous process. Make sure you have adequate safety procedures in place to help your residents safely enter and exit your company’s vehicles.

Have your vehicles outfitted to safely accommodate wheelchairs?

Take the time to ensure your vehicles have all the necessary elements to secure resident wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Select the correct parking locations

Having a designated loading and unloading area can help prevent accidents and injuries. It's especially important during cold weather, when ramps and parking areas become slippery and dangerous.

Get expert advice

Get advice from professionals who understand the current landscape of commercial automobile insurance and are able to provide advice on proper liability limits and ways to lower premiums.

Alliance Insurance Group has a team of senior living insurance expertswho understand the unique needs of the senior living industry. We have the knowledge and experience to help protect your business in today's litigious environment. For more information on how Alliance can help bring peace of mind to your senior care business, contact us today.